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February 15, 2022

start 2022 campaign

Dear contributors, 
Thanks to all of you, it is with great  pleasure that we were able to add to our list of beneficiaries, the 72 children from the Coeur de Marie et de Jesus orphanage. They suddenly lost their protector and father” last September 2nd. A death that left a great void. Since January 2000, Father Albert, a committed layman, shared the lives of some hundred children who wandered abandoned in the streets and whose basic rights were ignored. Needless to say, his hasty departure was a great loss for them. In 2021, the orphanage cared for 72 children of different ages.
We hope to continue giving our support for the remainder of the current school year and also for that of 2022-2023.
It will be a welcome incentive for the people who wish to pursue Father Albert”’s mission.
To all of you, we reiterate our deepest gratitude.
Corinne Chatel