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The project

‘’My school bag’’ is a humanitarian project born in Québec, Canada from a friendship between Médiatrice Ntakaré, from Burundi, and Corinne Chatel, Canada, who dreamed to one day, make a difference for the less privilege.

Before the presence of “My School Bag” in Burundi, orphans or children originating from very poor families had to confront overwhelming challenges in order to attend school.

Impossible for them to purchase the schoolbag, the supplies as well as the uniform, all mandatory to access schools in Burundi. With your help, “My School Bag” was able to to change all that and grant this basic wish to close to 1000 Burundi children and their families.

Corinne and Médiatrice’s path crossed in a community centre. A strong friendship aroused and ‘’My School Bag’’ was born.

Sensitive to Burundi’s challenges and motivated by Médiatrice, Corinne went for the first time in Burundi in 2006 with $3000 collected from friends, family and colleagues.

Back home, during a contest “Réalisez votre rêve” organized by the magazine ‘ ’L’actualité’’ on the occasion of their 30thanniversary, Corinne Chatel was awarded by Desjardins, a prize of $30,000 for the realization of the project ‘’My School Bag”.

Since then, ‘’My School Bag’’ successfully manages, every year, to distribute to the former or new children, school bags filled with the supplies uniforms necessary for their academic year.

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Corinne proud to receive a check from ”L’actualité”, magazine and ”Mouvement Desjardins”



Corinne filming Médiatrice during a distribution