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The Founder

Un bras pour Nadia et un pour Chadrak

Corinne, one arm around Nadia and one around Chadrak

Since childhood, Corinne Chatel wants to make a difference in the world. Her world begins at the end of her street in Laval and extends to the end of the world

It is while working with refugees that I met Médiatrice Ntakare. She spoke to me about the extreme poverty that ruled her country of origin, Burundi. She told me how Jocelyne, her sister, was already involved with the children of the streets.

Moved by such generosity, Corinne decided to do her share. In 2006, at her own expense, she went to Burundi where she was welcomed and given free room and board at Jocelyne and Dieudonné’s. She was bringing a bit of money collected from friends and neighbours. In the first year, with $3000 in hand, 183 children were able to attend school.

“Love for the children combined to the implication and generosity of my partners were sufficient to convince me. They are now part of my family’’

’My School Bag was born. This project will live until I can stand on my two feet”.

Jocelyne soigne les enfants de la rue

Jocelyne helping children of the streets