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December 20, 2020

Christmas Wishes 2020

Dear Contributors. The end of the year is upon us. In spite of the pandemic, we would still like to come into your home to offer our best wishes, at least by mail. No doubt we are all going through troubled times where everything seems paralysed. However, My School Bag is still very active in Canada and […]

December 5, 2020

Mission 2020

Dear Contributor,First and foremost, we hope you are well. During normal times, we write to you to announce the beginning of our fundraising campaign or at the end of the year to wish you happy holidays.  However, everything is far from normal since last March.  But we believe this will be welcome news. In spite of our […]

September 7, 2020

Garage sale

With the help of the weather, the Labor Day 2020 weekend garage sale was a success. Thank you to everyone who came, it was good to start our fundraising activities again. A very special thank you to those who gave us stuff to sell and everyone who volunteered their time for the occasion.

July 28, 2020

Message to the donators and friends

July 2020 Dear contributors, First and foremost, we hope these news find you and your loved ones in good physical and moral health. In the first months of the lockdown, our students in Burundi have observed through Social Media, that the level of people diagnosed with  Covid 19 and the number of deaths that followed were […]

March 22, 2020

Mission 2020 and Covid 19

Hello to all During these times of the Covid 19 crisis, here’s some news from My School Bag. Even if, as of now, it seems no cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in Burundi, preventive measures were taken to avoid the spread of the disease. Since Sunday March 22th, the airport has been closed […]

March 7, 2020

Flea market March 7, 2020

We were at the flea market in the basement of St-Willibrod church this saturday march 7. We sold items to raise money for the children of My School Bag in Burundi

January 20, 2020

Special message January 20, 2020

The night was short!!! I’ve receive many videos and messages from young people in the fields. It’s dramatic for many families including 3 of our volunteers/assistants. Rice fields covered in mud, houses destroyed, others on the edge of collapsing, impassible roads…all that due to the floods and this torrential rain that is present almost every […]