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January 20, 2020

Special message January 20, 2020

The night was short!!! I’ve receive many videos and messages from young people in the fields. It’s dramatic for many families including 3 of our volunteers/assistants. Rice fields covered in mud, houses destroyed, others on the edge of collapsing, impassible roads…all that due to the floods and this torrential rain that is present almost every day.   Of course we are unable to help everyone. But we came to the conclusion that we can help those children that lost everything, including their school supplies.   With a single phone call from me, this morning, local time in Burundi, 2 of our young got mobilised and distributed books and pens from our last year supply and what arrived in the June container. A total of 150 kids will receive this emergency relief. It will not be sufficient so we will see what we can do in the ongoing school semester.   Thank you to our volunteers for responding so quickly to my request for help to assist young people with difficult transportation considering the road conditions.   Another feat for the team at My School Bag.     Congratulations to all.   Corinne