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September 1, 2022


Dear contributors, 
Summer vacations are coming to an end.
Shelves in stores are filling up with school supplies. 
Thousands of children will soon head back to school. 
Thanks to you, 72 orphans whose names were added to MY SCHOOL BAG lists will do the same: among them 2 university students, one girl and one boy.
Three more will go to trade school. In addition, 5 of them were treated for vision problems.
Also, 54 children from Gatumba, very near to the Congo border were added to our lists.    Most of them have only one parent.  Without our support, they could not afford to go to school.  
In addition, to include and congratulate the 83 students who completed their studies,  we have entrusted them with a responsiblity that further enrichich their social advancement…  They were each tasked with finding a child who would be added to our lists.  Most of them, happily,  have well completed this assignment.
Of course, we continue to support those already enrolled in the project. This means that nearly 1,000 children will still be exercising their rights to an education, and this, is thanks to you.
We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your summer.. 
On behalf of the children and in the name of my team, MY SCHOOL BAG, we thank you. 
Corinne Chatel