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Annual Campaign 2023-2024

March 16, 2007

School visits in Quebec



Students in the 6th grade at St-Joseph elementary school in Mercier did a fundraising campaign in spring 2008. They weren’t lacking any imagination! One of their many projects was to preserve our environment by selling several snacks without the harmful packaging. They also invited parents to donate empty cans and plastic bottles. They were able to raise a significant amount of money for the children living in Burundi while trying to save our planet. Some of the children were even more receptive. They showed their initiative by creating banners on which they had drawn the flag of Burundi. They really took this project to heart and did a remarkable job. Thank you to all of the students, their teachers and the mother of Mrs. Martine Jacques.

Furthermore, Mrs. Chatel was welcomed by the children in the 8th grade at Chanoine-Beaudet high school in St-Pascal de Kamouraska. They also found creative ways to raise money and backpacks. A big thanks to all for your kindness and compassion.

Last, but not least, the student from the elementary school, l’Envolée, also welcomed Mrs. Chatel because of one student’s initiative. Thank you to Bianca G. for your interest and warm welcome!

All of these students from each school are sensitive to other children’s needs even though they live thousands of kilometers away. Mrs. Chatel was touched and very proud to mention all of these gestures meant to help the children in Burundi.