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Annual Campaign 2023-2024

May 12, 2007

Our second mission to Burundi


May 12th 2007: Departure from Montréal to France where friends were awaiting with funds, books and clothing.

The 15th, I continued my trip with a 3 weeks stay in Burundi. The children who met us last year were waiting for us with big smiles. It was very emotional to see them again. Some small gifts were given to the best students and some clothing was distributed. (Thank you to the Lolly Pop boutique, Cathy Argouges, Gabrille B., Phoenix G. Kay Laura and Jo-Marti).

I also had the pleasure to see the singers from the video once again. Antoinette, Davita and Vumiliya go to school, wear shoes, compliments of the Endurance boutique, and have new clothes and school bags that were donated by other children and their families. Even though we helped 247 children in elementary from Buterre, a refugee camp, the other children who did not receive any donation showed signs of dismay and sadness.

We added two other sites to the ones that were already being serviced: Mubone and another refugee camp named Kamenge. The number of beneficiary children has increased to 640. One of our main objectives is to increase this number by autumn 2008 and for several years to come. During my stay in Burundi, I strongly sensed the gratitude of the Burundian people. The students from the high school joyfully applauded when we told them they could count on our help next year.

The municipal authorities also helped us immensely by lending us appropriate vehicles and security.

Furthermore, I had the pleasure to meet the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, who was touched by our desire to help his people.