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November 18, 2009

Fourth mission to Burundi


The 4th mission is completed and we are proud to report that once again, it was successful. Indeed, our last visit allowed the project to increase by more than a hundred, the number of beneficiaries. Your project now numbers more than 900 children wearing their new uniform on the benches of Burundi’s schools. We plan to allow approximatively 40 more children from Ngozi, the northern part of the country, to join them.

As of today, 31 young people profited from the services of an ophthalmologist. Their vision problems are resolved by mean of glasses or medication. For the majority, this was a service they could only dream of.

Football (soccer) jerseys and balls were generously donated by the city of Blainville, This allowed our partner, Jeff , to form 7 teams. The kids were delighted.

A visitor from Canada, touched by the depth of poverty has promised to repair the little bridge that leads to the Batwa (Pygmies) site.

This year was very special as Mediatrice (A partner and friend who introduced me to Burundi) was reunited with her family for the first time in seven years. She, therefore, participated to several distributions with her children.

We were more than welcome on every sites or schools. High school kids staged a play. The theme focused on the benefits of an education now possible because of the project My school bag. This same group of students also treated us to beautiful songs. All spectators, young and old, could not resist; they joined in by singing and dancing. It was a very touching experience.

Our little Chadrak, who was afraid to be eaten by the white man, now comes to meet me and jumps on my lap. Audrique, a brilliant student from Nyarumanga has returned to class since he no longer has to leave school to search, at the dump for pieces of coal not entirely consumed. Our loyalty toward him, reassured him. He even went to say during a radio interview on RPA (Radio Publique Africaine) that we have transformed his life.

We added to our list, several orphan children from Mubone; two of them are twins. Also, we now have 4 students attending University. We can see the small children growing and progressing. I am getting to know them more and more and rejoice every time I see them.

Your generosity is the foundation of this new success.

We take this opportunity to thank Claude Nzeyimana of Burundi, for the unconditional loan of his trucks when ever needed and for his involvement in finding, at very interesting rates, and importing, free of charge, school bags from Tanzania.