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Annual Campaign 2021-2022

January 1, 2009



Message received from a university student who was added to our list last year:

”I am so grateful with this gesture, it is great and grand. It is engraved in my heart and in my mind. It is almost eternal.

I am always touched by such actions because they are alive, you can relive them whenever we wish to remember them. They bring comfort in life. Actions strengthen moral values. In my country, when I was still a child, I saw and experienced a lot of pain and, with a lot of hardships, I studied and continue to do so by the grace of God, our Lord, through actions of strangers that he puts in my path to help me. Thanks to these gesture, I came to understand the true meaning of the word "love", a great gift that God gave to man since its creation and which leaves us every time we turn away from him.

Because of this, evil never stay with me.

Another small message we want to share with you. This message comes from a very poor woman who raises 4 children on her own

“I wanted to wish you and all who are close to you, a warm year 2009, filled with happiness and health.

We wish to share with you our joy for Rachel’s success thanks to the project “My school bag”. Thank you as well to all the canadian children who shared so that Rachel, Christophe, Melissa, Cindy and other burundi children could go to school without worries. (she includes here the children that have created school projects to collect funds). Thus, Rachel got her diploma in social work and will begin University in Psychology.

We could never thank you enough. I would like all the donators and children who worked hard to help children in Burundi know that their efforts are not in vain and that they save lives by giving knowledge.