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June 7, 2021

MAY2021 / MISSION2021

Dear contributor,

I just came back from our 16th missionJune 21st. I would like to share some news of the children we have not seen for the last two years for the reasons we know too well.

This year, our visit was essential.  There were a few situations that needed our attention.  Also, the children were worried about us and about their future.

As mentioned last year, we added 20 orphans to our lists.  Following my first visit to the orphanage, I became immediately aware of the tremendous challenges that had to face the “Father” in order to care for the 72 children. Of course,  I did not hesitate by adding 10 older ones.  The orphanage is a very modest house with two small cabins at the back.

After talking to the Father, he asked me if we could help by providing him with mattresses. Indeed, when I arrived, I observed leftover soiled mattresses and mats drying outside.

I communicated with a generous contributor from Quebec who offered his help. Now, not only are the children sleeping comfortably they will also have the food they urgently needed… at least for a while.

In addition, we provided them with balls, shirts, shorts to play soccer. We have also provided 30 of them with all the school materials they will need in September.

The mattresses were a surprise and when the pick-up truck arrived stacked to its maximum capacity, the children were screaming with joy, running and singing. A real moment of happiness for me!

Oscar, now a young man whom we have been following since the beginning of primary school, has finished his university and wishes to do his master’s degree in Laboratory-Sciences…. Of course, we will continue to encourage him.

Médiatrice  completed her first year of university with distinction. When not studying, she came to help us with our mission.

Three young boys, one of whom lives, near the municipal dump visited us.  The 3 of them are at University. They wanted to thank us for the help they received during their primary and high school education.  We gave them the material they need to pursue their university studies  Being extremely poor, they very much appreciated it.

The children, all members of the team and I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful summer.