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February 26, 2019


Dear friends, dear contributors,

Our FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN 2019 has been launched.

Please take a few moments to consult the leaflet attached to our mailing.

We would like to take this opportunity to share a message received from one of our former students, now teacher and active member of  My School Bag.  In his message, he challenges us to go even further. He would like to see more students being supported with their post-graduate studies, professional training and why not help them create some small enterprises.…


Indeed, My School Bag came at a timely moment when the children did not have access to basic education due to a lack of schooling material.  Our dear students struggle to go school, as we did as children but,  in great numbers of them succeed.  This is a great source of motivation for My School Bag.

I understand that the shortage in financial resources is a barrier to great ambitions but as you know, there are only a few job opportunities at this time" 

Prime Nshimirimana

This is how far we are… Thanks to you! .

For: Corinne Chatel,  Solange Choquette,  Médiatrice Ntakare,  Daniel Tanguay, Michel Tanguay, Jean-Pierre Coiffey, Gilbert Valade  and Imani Ndayishimiye in Canada

In Memoriam Marguerite Barabé

Jocelyne Ntakare, Joseph Bizimana, J.Claude Nzeyimana, Dieudonné Sindabizera, Prime Nshimirimana, Thatien Gahungu and Fabrice Vyamungu in Burundi

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