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February 20, 2017

Campaign 2017

12th mission Burundi, Africa APPEAL FOR YOUR GENEROSITY – 2017     Since 2006, we have helped hundreds of students, Continue their education. Help us reach our goal of 40,000 $ en 2017   Your donations have paved the way for more than one thousand children since 2006.   On this road to success, we have seen boys and girls becoming civil engineer, journalist, teachers, car mechanics, computer technicians to name a few.  This is what your generosity and support has helped to generate. You have touched many lives by allowing young Burundians to acquire knowledge, by giving them the tools to realize their dreams that were inaccessible for most of them.   One of your youth stated you gave him an opportunity he would have never even dreamed of receiving.  We would like to thank you for what they have achieved because of you,   We have worthwhile projects and have established strong relationships to help those who will not attend university.  Together, we will allow them to receive adequate training, get skills and practice trades, which will guaranty autonomy for themselves and their families. However training costs are higher than those of school age levels.   Based on previous years, we are confident that, with your support, they will continue to move towards a better future and will meet the challenges imposed on them,   Regardless of the situation, with you, My School Bag continues its way to benefit the children of Burundi.