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August 31, 2019

Summary of the mission 2019

Corinne Chatel was in Burundi in May/June.  This year again, with the help of the older children, we have been able to distribute school supplies and uniforms to almost 1000 students. Also, since many had successfully completed their high school level, we added 45 young ones to our lists and are assisting a young woman with her university.  We have been following this hard-working girl since grade 2…. All this, because of you. Thank you so much !    In addition, we have given 60 children, our most financially challenged group, soccer uniforms/balls and they participated in a match between girls and boys living in Nyarumanga.  These youngsters aged between 12 and 15 were so happy to receive these gifts as a token for their efforts and Corinne felt so blessed to be able to assist this match where the girls won 4 to 2.