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April 19, 2008

Schools get involved


The 2008 fund raising campaign was successful. Loyal donators continue to make a big difference in the lives of many needy Burundian children. THANK YOU!!!

Once again, the 6th graders of an elementary on the south shore, have demonstrated a lot of imagination, determination and an indescribable dynamism in order to make encore une fois, ont fait preuve d’imagination, de détermination et un dynamisme indescriptibles in order to make the utmost difference in the greatest possible number of Burundian children. Their project was called “All united for Burundi”. I was invited on few occastion to their school. These big hearted children missed hockey finals as they said their mission and the children are more important. I loved beeing around these children. It was equally nice to see once again their devoted teachers who help make this project, a success You are the greatest!!!!!

Administrators, teachers and children of a school in Blainville adopted the project. The children sold cloth bags on which were printed their little hands. These bags are used for grocery shopping thus contributing to a better environment. They called the project "Hand in hand with Burundi". What a clever idea!!! Thank you to all the children who opened their ears and their heart to this good cause. Thank you to the parents, administrators who got involved in the project.

Students at JOHN ABBOTT COLLEGE have also taken the initiative to present the project to their classmates. As a result of this presentation, new school bags and new pencil cases were generously donated by the GROUP HOLIDAY. The children with the highest grades were given, as a reward, these very popular gifts. THANK YOU, Erika C., Stephanie C. and Shane!!!

The nurses in training at the BOIS DE BOULOGNE COLLEGE worked very hard to raise funds, negotiate prices to provide Burundi schools with much needed first aid kits. The last 5 of the 10 kits have reached Burundi in August. Needless to say, they were more than welcome. The school administrators asked me to THANK Madame Francine Brissette and all the students for this marvelous work and initiative.

Finally 5th graders at COLLEGE BEAUBOIS on the west island of Montreal warmly greeted Madame Chatel. The children were very interested about the differences of each country and had a lot of questions. Following these presentations, an amount was given to benefit the project. Thank you Sophie and the children! MERCI À TOUS!!!