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Annual Campaign 2020-2021

June 26, 2017

mission 2017

How time flies! 5 weeks spent with our young students and the 12th mission has already come to an end.   During this time, I came to realize how much the children have grown and progressed. What a surprise I had whenever I ordered school uniforms!  Far fewer kaki uniforms worn by primary school pupils compared to the more sophisticated ones worn at high school level. It goes without saying that these are far most expensive. How lucky we were that our supplier did not increase his rates despite the shortage of gasoline throughout the country. However, this confirms that the objectives of our mission are being met.  In addition, a lot of the children have obtained good grades despite the challenges they have to overcome everyday.   My School Bag will surely invest in the medical field. Oscar has been on our list since our creation and has expressed the wish to become a medical doctor.   In the southern part of the country, in Barambi, a total of 20 children were added to our lists. Some around Bujumbura and in Ngozi near the Rwanda boarder had the same opportunity. Your donations have helped 957 youth to pursue their studies.   Unfortunately, all is not positive.  Some of the children have faced great adversity which some have overcome.  For example, Gérard a 14-year-old boy, the eldest of 3 was achieving good grades at school when his parents passed away. He was forced to quit his studies to care for his 9-year-old twin brother and sister. His tears did not leave us untouched. A member of My School Bag made an appeal to his community for assistance.  Gérard and his siblings will receive a daily meal from generous neighbours.  Also, through your generosity, they received uniforms and school materials.   This is just one of many similar stories overcoming hardships. These children are very courageous!!!   We would like to thank OPDE* (Œuvre Humanitaire pour la Protection et le Développement de l'Enfant en difficulté) for the loan of safe and practical working spaces.  Without their help, our last 3 missions would not be qualified as successful.  APTEKA, the pharmacy will continue to assist us throughout the year.  This is also true for the Eye Clinic who helps cure the children.   Finally, a big thank-you to all donors who have made this mission possible.  Very appreciative children are joining the My School Bag team to wish you a very happy summer   *OPDE (OPDE seeks to assist children in vulnerable circumstances, defend their rights and prevent them from becoming 'street children)